Why you should wear googles while swimming


Whether you are a beginning or aspiring swimmer or are just considering going out to swim in a pool for fun this Summer, it is important that you always wear goggles for eye protection while in the pool. If you are an experienced swimmer, you are already well aware of this. Goggles are a must-have when it comes to being in the pool.

There are different kinds of goggles and you may want to have different pairs for different functions of eye protection. If you plan on doing much of your swimming outdoors and in the sun, you may wish to consider getting tinted goggles with UV protection to protect your eyes from damage from the sun. There are also goggles with different features, such as anti-glare and anti-fog features.

The important thing is to find goggles that fit and are adjustable to fit your head and face properly. The goggles you choose should be able to comfortably fit around your head but should be tight enough to stay on while swimming. If the goggles create deep rings around your eyes or give you a headache, then they are too small or are fitted too tight.

If you wear corrective lenses, you can also get prescription and properly fitted goggles from your optician. Goggles can also be worn with contact lenses and will help protect your eyes and contact lenses from the pool water.

At the end of the day, the pool is intended to be a place of fun and leisure. However, it’s always important that you are safe and protecting your body, especially your eyes. Goggles are just one way to do just that!

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