The Joy of Learning How to Swim

The Joy of Learning How to Swim

For some lucky people, swimming is just a piece of cake—— they learnt how to swim when they were a child without much difficulty. For them, swimming is just as easy as using knives and forks, or chopsticks. However, for a small group of people, to be able to swim is just like to walk to another planet, which is a big challenge in their life. Most of them were afraid of water since they were little children, and dare not have the idea of learning swimming.


With age increasing everyone is so busy! So, she decided to challenge herself to learn swimming.

In swimming, you need to be patient, relax and strong-willed.

I can vividly remember her call.
It goes like, I am a senior citizen you guys should not stretch me too much.

She wanted to learn how to swim because every time she was out of the country she sits and watches people have fun in the pool.

She has taken up the challenge to learn how to swim this year.

Today she took her second class/session, the excitement on her face after every session tells it all.