Swimpro Swim Instructors and Lifesaving Instructors

Swimpro Swim Instructors and Lifesaving Instructors


Learn more about our team of swim instructors and lifesaving instructors! Young, dynamic and certified, they’re the best at helping you learn to swim and teaching you swimming and lifeguarding techniques. They have 10 years of experience on average as lifeguards and instructors.

All the advantages of having a certified and experienced master-swimmer who travels to you greatly improve a swimmer’s progress and makes life easier for their family.

Our instructors are:

  • Dynamic: Always brimming with energy and ready to motivate their swimmers!
  • Safe and vigilant: Constantly alert to prevent incidents and to take care of their swimmers in case of any problem.
  • Creative and fun: They are constantly reinventing methods to practice swimming and to keep their swimmers interested.
  • Qualified and attentive: They take it upon themselves to make sure the program they’re offering meets the wants and needs of each swimmer.