Swimpro swimming instructors.

Swimpro swimming instructors.


    • You keep the same private swim instructor all season long to foster trust with your child.
    • Swim lessons based in a child-centred, loving kind method. (No harsh Nazis are allowed on our staff.)
    • We know how to teach private swim lessons. In fact, our staff has the highest average swim lesson teaching experience of any comparable program –we never send you a rookie.
    • All training is done by experienced professionals who make all certification classes informative and fun.
    • All private swim instructor and lifeguard staff (including managers too) have passed professional background screening for criminal records and child sex offenders–we take your children’s safety seriously, and there are no worries when you hire a lifeguard for a pool party or one of our swim instructors for the summer season.
  • A nationwide management team to serve you. We want you happy!

How We Work

One comforting thing to know about the way we work is that we set you up so that you will keep the same swim instructor for all the lessons you choose, and you may request a male or female if it’s more comfortable to you. This ensures continuity and consistency in your learning process.

As for the length of sessions, we suggest taking either 40 min or 60 min per adult lesson, and this can be modified after the first lesson or two to whatever feels best to you. We keep our timing flexible to suit your needs.

We applaud you for stepping forward as an adult to learn to swim, improve your strokes, and feel confident and fear-free in the water!

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