Swimming with high elbow

Swimming with high elbow

Want to swim faster freestyle? Of course you do. Here is why you should start with focusing on your high elbow catch.

You can have the world’s greatest freestyle kick, powerful hip rotation into your stroke, and a picture-perfect arm recovery, but without the foundation of a powerful catch everything else falls apart.

In order to swim faster freestyle a high elbow catch is everything.

Why is a High Elbow Catch So Important?

Put simply, the catch is where speed happens.

It’s the beginning of the pull, the biggest indicator of overall speed in the water. And it’s also where you dictate how much frontal drag you are going to exhibit.

In terms of maintaining propulsion in training and practice a collapsing elbow is a back-breaker. You see it all the time with fatigued swimmers. Their hand will start to slip outwards, their elbow will sag, and that effortless propulsion will slow to a struggling crawl.

After all…

A high elbow puts you in a position of power. Extend your arm straight out in front of you. Dip your elbow above and below the level of your hand—which position feels like you can develop more torque? When you have a high elbow you have a strong anchor in the water to pull yourself through it.

A high elbow limits drag. Swimmers are engaged in a perpetual battle with the forces of drag. A high elbow means we keep a slimmer profile in the water, creating less resistance to swim against. Less drag = more speed.

A high elbow starts the pull faster. When you pull with a high elbow you anchor yourself in the water sooner. And the sooner you plant your hand and arm, the sooner (i.e. faster) you can pull yourself across it.

Avoid locked elbow pull while swimming freestyle stroke. 👉 swimpro.com.ng
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