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Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria and one of the World’s fastest growing cities. It’s teeming population and brisk economy generates and gives off an energy that makes it the hub of technology, entertainment, the banking and finance industry, prime real estate as well as luxury lifestyle, and tourism.

Lagos is home to several private beaches, resorts, and luxury hotels, 5-star restaurants, clubs, and lounges.

Why Should You Visit Lagos?
Visit Lagos for the enormous business opportunities that are available for the indigenous and foreigners alike. Lagos is the hub of entertainment and lifestyle. A city that never sleeps, you can get street food in most parts of the city center, restaurants and bars sometimes operate round the clock, clubs and lounges are also perpetually open to the crowd of party crazy people who make Lagos buzz like a giant beehive. Visit Lagos for its beaches and nature. The concrete jungle is also home to the Lekki Conservation center and the Whispering Palms of Badagry. Visit Lagos for its grassroots football and sports scene. From the Lagos International Marathon to SociaLiga Football League, Kayaking on the Lagoon Waters to amateur boxing at the National Stadium, Lagos caters to lovers of all kinds of entertainment and activities.

What is the Best Time to Visit Lagos?
Lagos is an all season destination point. All round the year it bustles with activities that keep it alive. The weather is temperate. Rainfall is recorded throughout the year including the dry season, just at lower levels compared to the wet season. The harmattan lasts for a short period between December and January

How to get to Lagos
Lagos is accessible by air through the Lagos Airport also known as the Muritala Mohammed Airport, Ikeja. Flights from over 30 cities and countries globally connect to Lagos daily. Domestically, Lagos connects with every airport in the country. By road, Lagos can be reached through the major highways – from surrounding cities of Ibadan, Benin, Warri – like the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway and the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

Lagos is famous for its gridlocks and traffic. However, planning your movement around the city is essential to escaping it. Mass Transit buses popularly called BRTs are available linking all the major parts of the city. These BRT’s have their dedicated lanes on major roads and hence aren’t subjected to much of the traffic ensnaring other motorists. Private commercial buses called Danfo are also available and they reach most inner suburbs that the BRTs do not reach. Motorcycles called Okada and tricycles known as Keke Marwa or Keke Napep are also available but are barred from major roads so they are useful for navigating through localities and suburbs. Uber and other ride-sharing platforms are in abundance in Lagos.

Top things to do or to see
– Visit the beach.
– Visit the birthplace of Afrobeat, The New Afrika Shrine to have a feel of popular contemporary music in Lagos.

There are a number of art galleries and museums in Lagos that are worth paying a visit these include

– Art 21 at the Eko Hotel and Suites,
– the Onikan Museum and Rele Gallery at Onikan.

– Cool off at a number of resorts and getaway vacation destinations in Lagos.
– Attend an Owambe party which is an important part of a Lagosians weekend ritual on any given Saturday.
– Visit the Balogun Market, and experience the frenzied shopping of the Lagos people.
– Visit the Muson Center and the National Art Theatre, Iganmu for stage plays.

The National Stadium, Surulere as a potpourri of sporting activities on weekends.

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