Submerging your baby the correct way

Submerging your baby the correct way

More and more parents venturing to the pool to cool off and have a bit of fun with their little ones we thought it would be a good time to go over the technical side of submerging children under the age of three.

It is extremely important that parents are fully aware of the dangers of submerging babies that have not been conditioned to submerge correctly. Not only will you end up having a child that will have a fear of swimming or the water but you are also running the risk of secondary drowning.

Without waiting until your baby is conditioned to submerge by placing them underwater their airway will be open and the water that enters the mouth will go straight into the stomach and lungs. Most babies under the age of one will not complain if they are being submerged incorrectly which make this age group extremely dangerous.

At Swimpro we fully condition our babies to submerge and below are our tips and tricks so you can also have a happy and safe time in the water with your baby.

Baby has a reflex that we use for submerging. The reflex we use to condition the babies is a falling reflex, when your baby shuts their eyes their epiglottis (throat) will close over as well. To teach your baby to use this reflex on cue we add the words 1,2,3 under and engage the baby’s reflex. With enough practice, you will find your baby will hear the words 1,2,3 under and will shut their eyes on cue and that is when they are ready to submerge.

The main aim of your submersions will be for you as the parent or guardian to relax and allow your baby to submerge when they are comfortable and ready. The end result will ensure your baby will have maximum enjoyment above and under the water.

If you have any questions about submerging your baby please feel free to contact us

Happy and safe swimming.
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