Private Swimming Lessons for Adults in Lekki, Ikoyi, Ikeja Lagos

Private Swimming Lessons for Adults in Lekki, Ikoyi, Ikeja Lagos

Learn to swim or improve your swimming with at home private adult swim lessons with SwimPro

Whether you are a beginner adult swimmer wanting an introduction to swimming skills or an advanced adult swimmer looking to improve your swim strokes or fitness, SwimPro provides adult private swim lessons to meet your needs and personal goals. We integrate private swimming instruction with water safety to develop your comfort and safety in, on and around water.

SwimPro’s certified and insured private swim instructors will travel to your home or condo pool to teach one-on-one private swim lessons in the comfort of your own swimming pool.
During the first private swim lesson, an SwimPro swim instructor will do an assessment and discuss the best possible direction for your private swim lesson experience to be successful and enjoyable.

Book your adult private swim lessons with SwimPro at or call 070-325-545-55 for more info.

Adult Private Swim Lesson Levels

SwimPro can help you reach your swimming goals no matter what they are! Our certified and insured swim instructors are equipped to teach swimmers all all backgrounds, from first time adult swimmers to competitive adult swimmers and everyone in between. With SwimPro private swim lessons you will be taught by highly experienced swim instructors right in the pool of your choice!


SwimPro swim instructors’ are equipped to teach private swim lessons to adults who are just beginning their swimming journey. Our friendly and experienced swim instructors can help beginner swimmers regardless of their starting point. SwimPro private swim lessons are ideal for adults with a fear of swimming. Our patient and understanding swim instructors will help you overcome your fear of water so you can enjoy swimming.

Within 8 lessons, beginner adult swimmers are often ready to move on to intermediate and advanced swimming skills. Some swim skills learned at the beginner stage include getting comfortable in the water, breathing and buoyancy techniques, floating, gliding, kicking other skills to prepare you to learn full swim strokes.


Intermediate private swimming lessons for adults involve learning and practicing front and back strokes and treading water. SwimPro swim instructors will teach you the proper techniques so you can develop long lasting swimming abilities.


Adult advanced private swim lessons focus on more advanced techniques, such as butterfly stroke, flip turns, and diving and refining of the four main strokes to make each stroke more efficient. Our SwimPro swim instructors will help you perfect your swimming skills in your own home pool.

Specialized Training for Competitions, Triathlons and Fitness

SwimPro also offers private swim training for swimmers who want to work on their endurance and stamina for swimming. We can also provide triathlon swim training for swimmers participating in triathlons. Our private swim lessons can also be catered to adults wishing to work on fitness in the water.