Learn how to swim at osborne foreshore ikoyi Lagos with swimpro instructors

Learn how to swim at osborne foreshore ikoyi Lagos with swimpro instructors

The leg action of the breaststroke may have originated by imitating the swimming action of frogs.

1. The breaststroke pull.
There are two different ways to do the pulling motion:

Turning-pressing out motion (your hands and arms form a Y at the beginning of the pull); A pressing down pulling motion.

The pressing down pull is more efficient for short course sprint events, while the turning-pressing out pull is best for longer short course breaststroke events (the 200, plus 200-400 IM) and long course swimming.

2. Breathing.

When breathing during the stroke cycle hold your breath until you are about to break the surface of the water, exhaling all at once right before you pick your head up. Holding your breath for those extra few moments will help give you more buoyancy in the water.

3. Shoulder position.

When breathing squeeze your shoulders and bring them up to your ears. To insure that you are throwing your body forward through the water imagine yourself rotating your shoulders over your ears.

4. The arm recovery.

Use your hands to aim for where you want to lunge your head. Your hips will follow your head, so aim to β€œjump forward”, bringing your hands just below the surface of the water.

5. The kicking motion.

The breaststroke kick is an unnatural movement, requiring athletes to have significant flexibility in their ankles and hips in order to turn the feet in a dorsi-flexed position at a 90-degree angle in order to create thrust.

At the end of your kick your feet should be together.

Speed your heels towards your butt.

Knees should be approximately shoulder-width, and resist the urge to bring the knees up.

Kick straight backwards and make sure that your feet are pointing backwards and not down.

6. Timing the pull and kick motions.

The kicking motion begins just after the swimmer has completed the pull. The kick accelerates and powers the lunge of the arms and the head into the next stroke cycle.

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