How to get better and swim without struggling

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How to get better and swim without struggling

We recently asked, “What do you struggle most with when you swim?”

The answers that came back were varied, but there were also some common themes among the answers we received.

Breathing was by far the most common thing people struggled with. Unfortunately, breathing is probably the most important aspect of anything you do – without oxygen, you wouldn’t get very far at anything! It’s also one of the biggest aspects of your swimming that can disrupt the rest of your stroke and make swimming harder than it should be.

Turning your head too far when you breathe often leads to common faults such as turning your shoulders too far, which then often knocks on to your underwater arm dropping too far underwater or pulling under your body. This will then lead to your legs “snaking” or “kicking out” as they try to balance your stroke. This then means that you don’t get an effective underwater pull and slow down due to the snaking action of your body.