Female swim instructor in Lagos Nigeria

Female swim instructor in Lagos Nigeria

Is There A Difference in Having A Male vs Female Swim Instructor?

Male vs Female Swim Instructors is an important question most parents ask when it comes to teaching their child. Will my child be comfortable with a male or female? Will they listen to a male or female? Will they be afraid? Who is better at teaching a male or a female?

The answer is neither right or wrong. The question one should ask themselves is; does my child enjoy the water? Are they afraid of the pool? Do they listen to easy 1,2 step instructions?

Your child will probably be nervous of a stranger in the swimming pool anyhow. Most of us have taught our kids not to talk to strangers regardless of a male or female. Although it is important for your child to feel comfortable with their swim instructor, chances are they will be nervous or unsure at first meeting their instructor.

As a parent, making the decision of introducing your child to a life saving skill such as learning how to swim is one of the best decisions you could ever make for them. Whether a male or female instructor is best is commonly asked next.



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