4 things your children need to hear you say in the pool and why

4 things your children need to hear you say in the pool and why

At Swimpro we look at everything we do from a child’s point of view which could be from your child’s point of you too.

Are they feeling supported and encouraged when learning to swim? Does she feel safe? Does he feel excited about coming to class? Are they feeling motivated and ultimately loved for who they are rather than who we want them to be?

Our early learning pedagogy acknowledges how important communication is while learning to swim. Swimming actually cross-patterns the brain in all domains: motor, social and emotional skills.

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice”

In very simple terms, how and what we communicate with our children becomes the backbone of their sense of self and the way they learn to communicate with others too.


Children need and want to be seen. We all do. Ideally, we want to shine our light and we want to be loved and appreciated for it too.
This message is as much about being fully present as it is about saying it verbally. Water allows us to tune in and be present.

From a child’s point of view every sound, facial expression, emotion or physical gesture is an attempt to communicate.

We learn to really listen to what our children are saying. Together we WAIT, WATCH and WONDER while trying to make sense of what your child is really trying to say.

Saying: ‘I hear you’, allows a child to feel heard which is so important when working on feeling safe.

Active encouragement is so important when learning a new skill. It is not always easy to leave our comfort zones and we all have our own ways and the time we need in order to do so.
Encouraging your child in a way that feels positive rather than an added pressure from your child’s point of view is what we learn to work on together at Swimpro.


Simply being in water can trigger a stronger need for feeling safe in all of us. When learning to swim it is all about gauging a child’s sense of safety and readiness to unfold.

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