4 reasons your confidence level is still low.

4 reasons your confidence level is still low.

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1 Treading Water.

You don’t know how to tread water yet, or your treading endurance is still low. Can you tread water for more than 5 seconds?

2 Breathing Technique.
Most people hold their breath when they swim. Exhaling underwater and inhaling when you are up to the surface of the water is very vital knowledge.

3 Getting up mid swimming.
Most swimmers still don’t know how to get up mid swimming. You must learn to get up with ease. It helps you feel confident while swimming.

4 Timing.
Knowing when to start kicking, when to start your pulling your stroke and when to start breathing is also an important component to help you feel more confident as a swimmer/learner.

Can you rate your swimming skill on a scale of 10?

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