3 Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Learn Swimming

3 Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Learn Swimming

Are you a beginner struggling to get to grips with swimming? Then I bet you must be suffering from one of these three most common mistakes which makes it hard for beginner swimmers to master the art.

In this short post, I will go ahead to reveal the mistakes and reveal some tips on how to overcome them.

Problem One: Getting Confused With What to Focus on When You First Start to Swim

I believe that being relaxed is central to learning and enjoying the pool environment. To do this you have to be able to breathe, see well and have a safe environment.

You solve these three conundrums by breathing with a pattern of breaths and choices of sides that suits you – you do not have a set bilateral, every fifth stroke or such like on your mind – just breathe as you see fit.

Second, use good goggles that don’t leak so you can see properly. Lastly, choose quieter times/pools and those with lane ropes and lane direction etiquette.

Problem Two: Worrying About Speed, or Lack of It

Yes, we all want to get faster but it takes a lot of hours and some pretty natural ability to get fast when soon into swimming as a new sport.

Take the time to learn how to control your effort, your speed and your ability to pace yourself – even a simple test of how consistent you can swim single lengths, then double length soon shows how random a person’s effort can be when learning a new sport.

Enjoy the process of being able to swim smooth and efficiently and speed follows.

Problem Three: Being Daunted by the Poolside Environment

Granted, swimming is a very public type of training. However, the more you swim and feel that you are entitled to be there and call yourself a swimmer can vastly improve how athletes visualise the swimming pool.

If you feel you’re an outsider, not very good and hindering others you will be unable to be confident and relaxed in the water.

Smile, get in and train, everyone respects a person who tries!


Swimming can be very difficult if you are just starting out. With constant practice and the right techniques, you’d get better with time.

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