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Most people struggle to learn how to swim. We have a process that helps anyone learn and become a confident swimmer.

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Children & Adults Private Swimming Lessons

Swimpro program allows students to expand their knowledge, techniques and skills while they learn how to swim. You will gradually master all the steps as a confident swimmer. These programs are taught by Swimpro certified, experienced private swim instructors in your local area.
Swim Like A Pro in Nigeria.
OMG!!! i did that. Nailed it. Loved every minute. Didn't know it could be this easy. Thanks so much guys


I'm proud of what we achieved today. Every beginner needs an instructor like Tony. His confidence and faith in me was a boost. Can Saturday come already!!


I am proud to have made it this far in my swimming skills thanks to @swimpronigeria you guys are number one


Personalized swimming lessons, classes and sessions.

Swimming Goals

Learn basic strokes

Become comfortable in water

Improve swimming technique

Train for an event

How We Work

We connect you with the best swimming and Aqua fitness/aerobics instructors.

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What We Do

We offer swimming lessons and fitness classes for both children and adults.

Lessons are available everyday across Swimpro centres.

100% personalized to your specific swimming goal.

Personal Lessons for infant, toddler, Kids and Adults (On-site)

You will have a one-on-one swimming session with a professional instructor who follows all the safety standards, professional conducts with a customed framework that enable anyone to learn how to swim.

₦ 80,000

Personal Instructor

8 Sessions

1 Hour per session

Swimming goggle Provided

Pool Access

Valid For 2 Months


Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics sessions and you'll see a big difference in your overall fitness. Also known as water aerobics or sometimes waterobics, typical classes will involve all the exercises you would expect in a 'dry' class. But there are added bonuses when you exercise in water.

₦ 125,000

Personal Instructor

10 Sessions

1 Hour per session

Swimming goggle Provided

Home Service / On-site

Aerobics Tools

Pool Access

Flexible Schedule

Valid For 2 Months


Home Service

Swimpro ONE-TO-ONE session at your personal swimming pool. Our professional coaches will ensure you enjoy a pleasant and professional private swimming lesson experience!

₦ 160,000

Personal Instructor

8 Sessions

1 Hour per session

Swimming goggle Provided

Swimming Cap

Flexible Schedule

Valid For 2 Months

Family Swimming Lessons

Swimming is one of the greatest aspects of life. It is not just about having a leisure hobby or keeping fit. It could save a life, including that of your family members. Don't let your family water activities, boat trip, or cruise trip become a tragedy. Equip your family members with the most appropriate swimming skills while you still can.

Based on Swimpro programme, family swimming lessons are designed to encourage whole family to learn swimming together. Parents and children can take this chance to interact with each other and have fun! It keeps your family member bonded together!

₦ 300,000

Personal Instructor | 8 Sessions | 1 Hour per session | Swimming goggle | Flexible Schedule | Family of 4(Four) | Valid For 2 Months


Luxury private swimming lessons in a quiet exclusive pool with highly qualified and experienced instructor.

₦ 240,000

Personal Instructor | 4 Sessions | 2 Hour per session | Swimming goggle | Flexible Schedule | (1) One Person | Four Points by Sheraton Victoria Island Lagos | Valid For 3 Months | Indoor Pool | Towels provided

Private Lifeguard

We offers lifeguards service as well! You are able to hire our certified professionals.

When there are events or pool parties that need an eye with extra care to watch. We will provide certified, insured and trusted lifeguards to your events to make sure your events will run smoothly without any hiccups or hesitations. Our Swimpro lifeguard service will definitely add security and peace of mind for the guests and the owners of the property.

₦ 100,000

One Lifeguard | 5 Hours | Valid For (1) One Day

Swimpro Trial Session

Hello, You want to check out our trial Session ? Let's do this ;-)

₦ 20,000

Personal Instructor | 1 Session | 1 hour per session | Location: Our Facility | Fixed Schedule | Valid For 1 Day

Group Lessons

Personal Instructor | 8 Sessions | 1 hour per session | Location: Our Facility | Fixed Schedule | Valid For 2 Months |

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When it comes to swimming classes for special needs kids, we encourage parents to reach out to us before registering, so we can develop a plan together that offers the best chance of success and progress for their child.
Offered to children of all abilities and all ages, our special needs swim lessons teach your child to swim in a way that’s tailored to their abilities and learning style. All lessons are held taught by our qualified swim instructor

₦ 160,000

Personal Instructor | 16 Sessions | 30 Minutes session | Flexible Schedule | (1) One Person | Valid For 3 Months | Fixed Session Time

One of the biggest challenges is getting an experienced swim instructor.
That is why Swimpro is here to bridge that gap and connect you with the best swim instructors. All lessons are private that means one-on-one direct attention. Each lesson is tailored to meet your individual needs. Every step of the way we explain what to expect in the water. How to float and why your body does float. We want you to be comfortable and go at a pace that is right for you.
With a gentle and encouraging approach, we strive to create a positive learning experience for all skill levels. Our instructors follow lesson plans that build on previously learned skills. These skills build the foundation for the future development of swimming strokes. With a solid base of fundamental swimming skills an easy progression is made into the next level of swimming. Each lesson is loaded with fun, engaging, and challenging activities that motivate the student. Progress is constantly monitored and evaluated to plan for your next level of success. With focused attention, you are sure to meet your goals faster than you ever imagined.

Clients who already trust us.
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Swimpro is a platform that connects personal swimming instructors to learners and empowers aquatic prowess for all training levels.
Get the best swimming instructors in Lagos, Abuja , Port Harcourt, Calabar and Uyo. SWIMPRO FEMALE SWIMMING COACH/INSTRUCTORS ALSO AVAILABLE








Swimming Pools

Lagos 🏊 The Executive Spot Glover Court Ikoyi 🏊 8b, Ondo Street, Osborne Foreshore Ikoyi Lagos 🏊 CitiLogde, Lekki Lagos 🏊 Palazzo Plot 24 Chevron Drive by Northern Foreshore Gate, Lekki 🏊 Shodex Garden 251/253 Ikorodu Rd Ilupeja
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